Antagonism intensified at every turn,

With vigor hidden hostility continued to burn;

Female circumcision is what brought unspoken enmity to the fore

Rivalry between KCA and the foe when heat gained like never before.


Political, cultural, economic and racial insubordination

Was the constant source of bitter contradiction

Brutality, rape, and hegemony of the minority;

Since days of past, was the utmost cause of the host’s poverty


The rise of KKEA and KISA, to the foe, was no small source of vexation;

Opposing ideologies, to status quo, could only attract but anarchy and revolution!


Psychological warfare with momentum now gained

As never before, the host’s agitation threatened to down under sweep the criminal reign

The foe’s schemes were those designed harm to sow

To deprave the population’s hearts and minds, no scheme was too down-low


‘Gũtirĩ mũthũngũ kana mũbĩa’, it’s said, currency gained,

The host’s counter-propaganda machinery when primed with eloquence

The foe’s argument now had been defeated; the laity won over and unchained

Of these gallant accounts, consult books of old for preface



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