The last days of the colonialist were desperate

Discord when arose tween nationalists and the barbarous foe

To our revolutionary movement’s schemes the Union Jack owed its fate

Small wonder the oppressor wailed in terrible woe.

67 year old pent-up anger and humiliation ripened

Agitation and antagonism soared without end

It’s the constant frustration or insubordination that hatred deepened

The foe’s devices were crafty, often stifling reforms; consensus was hard to find

But our heroes saw through the treachery; great strategies formed in their mind

Now our Generals’, moved by anger, rallied our army to drive savages from our borders

In the capital and forests our heroes strove hard to crush murderer’s invaders

Love of our country caused each patriot to up rise for war

It’s our mighty bows and blazing guns that shot down the color bar


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