Men’s mind turned to thoughts of rebellion

Treachery of the illegitimate regime when was discovered.

First, Harry Thuku fashioned out the East African Association

To drive out vermin’s and foxes, revolutionary strategies were engineered

Next, a formidable militant forces took center stage

Restoration of Stolen lands and freedom topped the agenda’s page.

But the foe’s schemes we barbarous; it pillaged where it may

People of merit begun to rise from all over the country

New heroes up rose to push for reforms without delay

Most brave and loyal deeds color our history

In storied pages Nyanjirũ Mũthoni of Mũrang’a’s name dwarf all in fame.




    1. You are very kind. Thank you. And for your questions, S.African has been in perpetual Apartheid since the early 1400. The invasion of Africa by Imperialists ensured this. S.Africa is still in Apartheid system. A close look at the political, economic and sociological superstructure of that country is heavily tilted to the advantage of the dominant minority. Until South African takes the direction of Zimbabwe, then the native people will never be free. And there is my two cents.

      1. thanks very much I had read an article in The Guardian saying the same thing. I know its not my thing but interesting how it appears from mainstream media and in term of Nelson Mandela, thanks for the insight,

      2. Thank you for your insightful observation. I have serious issues with the first post colonial governments and more specifically with the leaders who took power from the colonialists.With respect, Mandela is no different from Kenyatta or Nkhuruma, they were all puppets of the colonialist. I don’t know what you mean by ‘mainstream media’, I just wonder why it’s ‘main’ and to whom and for what agenda. Colonialism and subjugation has never had any any benefit to the oppressed.Indigenous S.Africans have to fight to get rid of the colonialist. The Apartheid system has to be brought down. Let the indigenous population take the path of Kenya in 1953, of Algeria in 1954 or Kongo in 1959.You are welcome.

      3. I suppose when I say main I just mean a westerner like me reading daily papers with the understanding that mandela has won his freedom, apartheid has ended and things should be better but as you say and also the articles that then they use wealth and power to separate so I just find it interesting the fact that nothing has really changed we are still having the same colonial powers do the same thing as they wish, just different names used to describe the interventions etc still great posts and thnks.

      4. I like they way you see things given that you are ‘an outsider’. British and American Multinational corporations are killing us out here. They have become the symbol of neo colonialism, post colonial imperialism and oppression steeped in exploitation. They are of the worst kind because of the international capital flowing through them. To think that they have corrupted the political class( to sit as board members and incline policies towards their advantage ) in most under developed nations does not inspire hope, rather, anger and indifference.I don’t read that garbage called ‘standard texts’ nor listen to ‘main stream’ propaganda. To fight neocolonialism, imperialism and institutionalized racism, violence has to be directed to machinery that propagate these ideologies. That includes the architects and their running dogs. Thank you.

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