His valor and prowess are sung by all within the sphere

A hero for all ages in fame he improves from year to year

A strategist of unequaled talent his awed name we still revere

The Closing days of the ‘empire’, and the years of their rule were near spent

General Kimbo, our gallant, rallied god-like warriors for revolutionary violence

And the oath passed from mouth to mouth reaffirming each man’s resolve

The fateful day of the regime came in the days of Baring – the impotent;

Attracting shame, scorn and disgrace to the imperial face

Of all heroes of old, Kimbo, we best love



2 thoughts on “GENERAL KIMBO

  1. we wil foreve hornour you SIR…..bless us wherever you are, teach us to b strong and brave….my grand pa waz parhaps on your wing of command mayb you met him in the battle field. i knw u together dancing and singing songs of freedom.

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