The fateful day of the colonialist came in the reigns of Mitchell and Baring
It is true the two were incompetent weaklings, too timid for their times.
The last days of the empire approached and weapons clashed with violent bangs
In every quarter, this land suffered stress of war and murderer’s crimes
Imperial terror was rife,’ Erskin, the fascist, tyrannized the state
In reserves, peasants wailed, in travail infants wept in poor state,
But those in support of the movement;
Nor hope of life nor fear of death could waver our heroes’ oath.
Then the Central Committee ordered absolute commitment
And great generals, moved with anger, rallied our gallant youth.
Commander with commander strove and dared to raid the enemy’s lair
Dealing savages with wondrous woe and bitter despair.
Operations, Anvil and Mill Town, were futile schemes tailored to thwart our guerrilla;
Sinister Imperial propaganda was the foe’s final sole pillar.
Of the warriors of that time matchless Tanganyika was the Boldest
The general’s valor and prowess tops our martyrs list.


4 thoughts on “FATEFUL DAY

    1. It is indeed a historic event.Read: Mau Mau from within By Karari Njama and the Myth Of Mau Mau by Carl and Rosenberg. or Just goggle Mau Mau and Kenya. You will get all this Information.Thank you very much. You are welcome.

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