Rĩrĩa ihinda rĩa kinyire
Rĩa kuganĩra ũhoro, rĩakinyire
Kuganĩra ũhoro rĩa kinyire
Norĩo thiriti itῦ nawe yathirire
Thiriti itῦ yathirire.

Rĩrĩa ihinda rĩa kinyire,
Rĩa kuganĩra ῠhoro rĩa kinyire
Witũ wendo nawe norĩo wathirire,
Mĩrĩ na ngoro citũ cia thũranire.
Mĩrĩ na ngoro citũ cia thũranire.



    1. Nĩ ndacokia ngatho mwarĩ wa maitῦ. Gĩkῦyu ti macatha, nĩtῦgĩtungate kinya gĩthereme na kĩrῦme handῦ hothe thĩ ĩno.Nĩ wangenia kuona atĩ nĩ ῦĩ kwandĩka na rῦthiomi rῦaku. Ngamia fujo nĩyo fb yakwa- @ngamia fujo twitter-tindia thayῦ

    1. I’m glad that you like this piece- I believe that use of mother tongue is the first step to liberating myself from cultural colonialism and imperialism; like Ngugi says in his -Home Coming – Volume of essays- Thank you very much. Cheers,

    1. You are very kind Eva- I’m glad to see that you are fired up about using our mother tongue as a currency of expressing our private-most sentiments, keep it up- no getting weary in this struggle. Cheers.

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