THE BATTLE OF MWALA (November 1895)

A traitor, he’s deplored from year to year;
The deeds of Mwatu wa Ngoma still attracts scorn and disgrace to his name.
General Mwana wa Muka’s patriotism, in contrast, has no peer,
His bravery in the battle of Mwala still attracts awe to his fame.


2 thoughts on “THE BATTLE OF MWALA (November 1895)

  1. Sword against sword will not bring us peace. Hate against hate will not turn into love. Discrimination like this: “These people …”, “These groups …”, “These rich …”, “These poor …”, “These Africans…”, “These Latins..”, “These Jews…” and a lot of other similar thoughts will never bring for us the union.
    Envy against envy will not bring the compassion. Arrogance against arrogance will not bring the admiration. Greed against greed will not bring satisfaction. Betray against treason will not bring peace, manipulation against manipulation will not bring redemption. And you know why? Because this game has always been the specialty of a small elite that controls the world. These same that kill thousands of people. For the most sordid and futile reasons.
    Honestly, I every day I pray (i’m not catholic, etc) that these people find the love in your lives.
    If we will play the game on their sports court, in which they are masters, then we already lost this game.
    The best way to face this bad things and live through life is with love. Protests are very important.
    Protests non violent can be a good start for all people who want transform the world. The first step start in the temple of your conscience. And then, let’s spray the love for the whole people in the world.
    Nice blog and thank you for visit my personal blog.
    All the best. With love, Neil.

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