BATTLES OF MOMBASA (1895-1896)l.

The sky and ocean turned to the color of night

At the horizon when came a formidable foe to sight

A Fleet of mattock- like canoes and war ship shadowed the great coral reef

The foe’s Cannons and guns to Mombasa when pointed from the deeps

A million barbarians’ and murderer’s hounds, at dawn, when anchored.

Now the ones from the west, and those from south east, for the first time encountered

In Mombasa rival armies when took up arms for violent confrontation.

War bugles and roaring drums is what set the tempo for corking riffles,

Mercenaries, outlaws and gangs, on the foe’s side, when joined the battle;

Those from Sudan, Egypt and India when reinforced the foe.

Stronger, those from the West now renewed the offence in rows,

The battle took unexpected turn, General Mbaruk was now in peril.


2 thoughts on “GENERAL MBARUK

  1. Found this a very visual post.

    While I remain unsure of whether there existed such a General named MBARUK in history and am not even sure how to pronounce the name, I remain curious as to what happened next. Did General Mbaruk survive?


    1. Thank you very much for taking your time to visit my blog. General Mbaruk died in action in what is in the present day Tanzania. During the European invasion of Africa in the 1880, the General raised an army to thwart the British war-like activities in Mombasa.Here the British suffered heavy casualties in the Generals’s hands. unable to defeat Mbaruk, the British Mercenaries were forced to beg for reinforcement from Sudan and stronger the British returned and renewed hostility with the General. Mbaruk defended the territory well, but given the strength of the British, he order a tactical withdrawal. In 1896 however, Mbaruk was ambushed by the Germans as he entered Tanzania. Here he fought a fierce battle but was unfortunately killed.

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