In strange array and colors

Riotous moss and flowers

Impeding ridge-side paired rivers


8 thoughts on “HIGHLAND

  1. So beautiful…you’re an artist of words, playing with metaphors to create a special and unique state of mind. Colorful, meaningful and fascinating at the same time.
    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog, i’m honored! It means so much to me knowing that you liked my latest post, makes me wanna continue my story, in spite of all the doubts.
    I’m glad i found your amazing poetry, it warmed my heart and i’ll continue reading your beautiful blog.
    Best wishes and Blessings,

    1. I am glad that my writing fascinates you. You have a wonderful blog, keep on doing what you are doing. in writing the art can only improve. Let not anybody discourage you from telling your story. perspective differ from one word smith or artist to another.Cheers. Thank you

  2. Been reading through quite a few poems, but I had to comment on this one or better said ask you a question. I love to read poetry but I have no clue about it nor how to write it.

    Is this some form of Haiku?

    1. I doubt this is Haiku, though it may resemble it in form, it is far from it. this is Swahili version of Haiku:’utatu’ just like haiku it employs three lines to relay a message. Though this is an imitation of the original version of Swahili ‘Utatu’ it fails miserable to attain its structure. I guess this is just an explosion of words. Thank you for taking interest.

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