A rare pair,

For each, Rastafarian and Muslim Stubbornly dare to care  

Nor coward nor bent to submission by worldly cares

Neither bound nor severed by creeds nor crippled by fear  

Defiantly and side by side, lion and lioness in double lair.  


26 thoughts on “A RARE PAIR

    1. He he he. It’s more of both. why does the world has to put so many obstacles for people who naturally love one another? It pure pain and agony when you hold somebody you know you can never have.

  1. It’s beautiful, and beautifully written. Last I knew, the world wasn’t keeping you apart? It was… well, you wrote the poem. Discard what you don’t need, keep what you do, maybe? And I am not a romantic, at all. Seriously.

    1. Well put ‘Discard what you don’t need, keep what you do’ is a good policy, i’ll try it out. Thank you very much. You might not be aware of it but I think that you are a romantic.

      1. I don’t think so…but since you’re trying out my policy, I’ll take it into consideration, ha. And it was an honor to have the poem on my page- it was, very beautiful. Have a great day.

      2. HE he he. Thank you very much my dear.I think your perspective of things is very interesting. apart from your forceful language,I also do admire your ideas. Have a colorful day.

      3. He he eh. I think so, I do admire your colorful language. Are you into poetry.I dare you compose me for line poem. I bet you’ll shy away from this. He he eh. Thank you

      4. Ha. Let me get this straight: you wonder if I’m into poetry…
        Yes, yes I am. Says so in my page, damnit. *The damnit was just for you, for your like of my swearing. 😉 *
        No, I will not shy away. A poem similar in form to how I write, correct? Or just one line? On what subject?
        Of course I would. Not going to guarantee it will be great, but I like what I write, usually.. ssfe

      5. Do you mean something like this ?

        Like rainbow and flowers
        Her charm’s to my flavor
        But what words may win favor?

        He he he. Words can really melt a mountain. What Month does your Birthday fall? If I may kindly ask. Thank you.

      6. I thought I replied to this already, I’m so sorry hon. My birthday was March 3rd, a few days ago. And your words have done well so far…. if you mean me. 🙂

      7. Happy birth day dear.It not too late to wish you one, is it? of course the awkward lines are dedicated to you; though I lack talent in many things, I have genuine weakness for a wonderful artistic work. I consider your work beautiful. How did you celebrate your birthday?

      8. You are too kind. Thank you so much. Means a lot to me. I spent time with my girls, my 2 daughters, and their dad. Over at his house. My 14 yr old wrote me a lovely poem, I will probably put on here for her. She has such brains also. 😉 And my best friend, who is their dad, bought me a new laptop- mine was falling apart, ha. I don’t drink, so. Homemade cake… that’s about it! Thank you for asking dear. How are you?

      9. It seems like you had a lovely day. I am well my dear. I am just trying to utilize this today to the full extent. It always a pleasure chatting with you . perhaps you should invite me as a friend in face book. ngamia fujo is my FB name. I would appreciate it if you invited me . Thank you.

  2. Hello General,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your poem. I’d like to try writing some myself, but I have a feeling they are better left for posterity (to throw away!).


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