Pondering on her still, too depressed, am soon  taken ill.

But what is this intense, violent emotion for her I feel?

Overcome by a rare thrill, what is this unbridled passion?

Rejected,I am currently like an empty wind floating into oblivion.



  1. I have felt like this
    too many times to tell of
    can’t even try
    to make sense of
    or I’ll cry.
    Cry myself to a wallowing mess
    but somehow …
    this too shall pass.
    (As I’ve said
    over one million times
    in my head.)

    1. lovely piece, beautifully written. I like the way the idea flows. I know the feeling, that feeling which no word can really capture. it always haunts its owner till that moment s/he masters tranquility in the turbulent center.Thank you very much

  2. You are so right. Although I don’t if we master it… or if it just passes. It has had our way with us and is done. Moved along, left alone, for a bit. I’m sorry, I don’t have facebook. Feel free to email me though. starminder@outlook.com.

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