KOITALEL ARAP SAMOEI (1860- October 19, 1905)


His courage surpass that of a lion securing a cub from peril.

Combining political shrewdness and military brilliance,

Koitalel thwarted villains’ attempts to rape, plunder and steal,

To exploit, kill and grab ancestral lands by force.

Digging pits and spreading out traps: his victory was assured.

Building up alliances, and securing defence:

Commerce and prosperity was procured.

Koitalel forged a formidable fighting force

Where rest, of declining fortunes, and for survival had collaborated.

Enrolling scheme- full tacticians for revolutionary violence

And contingents for war with unparalleled speed and unrivaled defiance,

Bending heavens and subduing earth to compliance;

Koitalel for a decade successfully waged war against barbarians, unbowed.

With brilliant military strategies, and impervious revolutionary plans,

In the mist wrecking battles of rift valley, with one sweep,

Commanders Cunningham and Jackson were overran;

Of other wind- churning- battles this is but a tip

Though now Koitale’s tragic death is removed from us by many years,

The divine awe which his heroic deeds inspired, is still with us;

Like Waiyaki, Gakere, Mekatilili, Wanji and other political martyrs alas:

His name and fame, the posterity eternally shall revere!


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