Meeting him in a brief dream, tall, dark, lean, so imposing and brave

Last night and by Nyandarwa Mountains caves

With a gun in hand and commanding thousand braves

I saw General Kago, at the van of Land and Freedom Army, sweep down the forest for the foes heads;

Filling brooks and gorges with barbarians red

Assisted by Generals: Ihuura and Karuri at the rear 

And to purge evil of the land,

I saw General Kago reap off the enemy’s hand

Red flag soaring in the dusk smoke

With one blow the savage colonialist regime he broke;

In his youth and while the war for independence shook the sphere

General Kago’s fame and name compared with no peer

Bending mist and taming mountains

 From Nairobi to Murang’a, grave battles he waged in rows and chains.

Beyond these towers on towers with sorrow painted,

Where now can the heroes faded bones be found unburied?









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