Despondent over the recent hurt,
palms under chin, and on a low bed in the painted court,
wearily I contemplate on the knotty affair scalding my heart.
Doubtful of winning her over with my meager talent
or arousing her interest among esteemed men of titles and ranks,
too depressed, too resentful , too desperate to sleep, eat or drink
gradually, and with deepening bitterness, in to oblivion I begin to sink.
Having failed, with soul-felt gestures, to impress my recent fancy,
I am currently like a demoted General out of favor with her Excellency;
Rather than growing frustrated with the elusive crown
I may as well turn to the pen my fickle emotions to have caused down.


10 thoughts on “PETTY EMOTIONS

      1. Thank you 🙂 It is something that confuses me how someone can have nothing better to do than be constantly on Twitter on Facebook, posting tweets/statuses 🙂 And how they can then still have something to tweet/update their status about :p

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