English: Discontent Русский: Недовольный
English: Discontent Русский: Недовольный (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heart toppled by a thrilling longing

On the small midnight pillow and anew tossing

Memories of past again overtakes my heart with an intense nostalgia;

How long has it been since our drear parting in tears and in by gone years?

Losing composure to anger, frustration  and resentment

But to whom now may I convey my heart-felt discontent?

But how now, and apart, can our pressing agonies be resolved?

Our private  most  neglected wishes will spread infinitely forever unfulfilled



  1. I like your ideas. “To whom may I convey my heartfelt discontent?” Ah that’s the question. We rail against outrageous fortune and obdurate bureacracy. But who listens?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!!!… I enjoyed reading this post..very honest…and lyrical… I also ask myself how my pressing agonies will be resolved…..

  3. I like the clarity and confident use of language, where, for example, I thought the separation of “by” from “gone” made some statement other than “bygone,” but I seemed to have been overwhelmed by the Merriam-Webster use (See: and backtracked. “By” means as an adjective: “Into the past,” which is also what “gone” means, so couldn’t you have said: “In gone years” and skipped the “by” altogether? It sounded pretty sensuous to me.

    In general, very nice allusion to the great writers of the past.

    1. Rarely do writers venture from their comfort zone. Rarely also do they break all rules in order to convey a message without distorting the emotion. I obey very few rules and and do as I wish. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work. You have a nice blog.

  4. I honor your feelings and I respect your thoughts. Eternity-is forever? What’s forever? Today. This 24 hours thriving and loving the hell out of life. It’s hard when accidents, natural disasters, anything when death becomes one.Self is blank than in our universe.

    1. I can see that you have strong feelings toward this world. I do believe that experiences we have in this life affect to some extent our perception of this life. Eternity-is forever and forever is Eternity. they all mean the same to me since both bring about an air if continuity and perpetuity. Human emotions are idle stuff, in the end they fade to the oblivion. Thank you very much

      1. It’s funny that emotions seem so much more real than facts. I wanted to be a chemist or a doctor when I graduated form elementary school. Well, I settled for writer and I feel mixed about it. Neurology interests me, because brain cancer and three brain surgery’s took my dad’s mind, but his body lives. Thru my many tortured life events I prayed off and on and noticed a missing consistency with both practices. So God, a higher power than me, exists, but I’m a good person because I want to be. Eternity means nothing and everything too.

  5. Love this. Thank you for liking one of my posts. I would like to follow you but cannot seem to find the tab on your blog that gives me the option of doing that. Again thank you for your vote of confidence. Your work is truly inspiring.

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