Twilight candles

Early twilight
Early twilight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Twilight candles weep away

Curtains in the swift winds play;

Restrained indoors all day by driving showers,

To keep occupied, I turn to whirling away the hours

Fashioning out new heartfelt lines;

Though ran out with strong liquor

Regrets I harbor non for it’s for her I rhyme


18 thoughts on “Twilight candles

  1. I feel the loneliness and emptiness in your poetry. Is that true? or I misunderstood the meaning of your poetry? But if it’s true, it means you successfully delivered. If i was wrong, i’m so sorry….
    I like your poetry 🙂 Blessed you

    1. i am suprised at your words, i had not really looked at these few lines from that angle, but now that you have mentioned ‘loneliness and emptiness’, i have to confess that my mental geography at the moment i first composed this poem was a bit misty and steeped in a deep nostalgia. i do not think that as a person i am lonely, but the fact that another pair of fresh eyes have picked an element of emptiness from this piece, then i will have to go back to the drawing board and deeply examine my essence anew. thanks for the kind comment.

  2. I love the poetry! I like to think of myself a writer but poetry is one of those things I never could grasp but I love to read it. I did also want to thank you for finding, visiting and following my blog. I’m grateful. 🙂

    1. thank you very much, you are very kind. Poetry is life, no one should be ashamed of pouring their feeling in any structure they may wish to employ, to convey their heart felt sentiments. try it, i am sure you’ll enjoy it

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