English: Cromwell's Cutting. Cromwell's Cuttin...
English: Cromwell’s Cutting. Cromwell’s Cutting is said to have been cut by Cromwell’s soldiers to get some guns over a steep hill, OR to keep the soldiers too tired and too busy to visit the brothels and stews of Crediton. This latter may have been a calumny put about by the Royalists. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gift girls and liquor

Extreme Pleasures increase by the hour

In brothels, one forever may quench vulgar desires!


5 thoughts on “IN BROTHELS

    1. thank you for the like, i am glad that you like this, while i have no idea who Arthur Rimbaud is, i feel awed to know that atleast i share some common thinking with a genious like him. i will surely look him up and get acquainted with his work. i hope i do not sound so ignorant for exposing my folly. i am glad that you find my poem worth your desktop.thank are welcome.

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