#374 undulated moray (ナミウツボ)
#374 undulated moray (ナミウツボ) (Photo credit: Nemo’s great uncle)

Chain on chain of boundless ranges
Undulate unwillingly to lick depths of heavens- awing dark gorges.
Flanked by deep mist, furious rivers flow east way without stop.
Enveloped in dew, why do bamboos leaves seem to weep in drops?
Once and united as one, in these double mountain boarders

God-like warriors for independence waged war against murderers invaders.
Bound by platoon oath, and commanded by seasoned leaders,
in droves, million patriots up rose in arms for a legitimate cause
of these gallant accounts are preserved both in patriotic songs, poetry and prose!

Still dotted with ravages of by gone wars:
are clusters on clusters of death camps dented with bomb scars!
In these Central highlands, millions of peasants and workers then
And to dethrone the colonial regime, revolted as one
Picking machetes, grenades and guns for a political revolution,
Field Marshal Dedan Kĩmathi at the armies head forged a War council of two plus ten.
Victory on victory is then what proceeded each wrathful martial mission

A hero of all ages, without peer, Kĩmathi’s name and fame will come down to all generations


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