Nationalists demonstrating in Cairo.
Nationalists demonstrating in Cairo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Protracted grudges lay foundation for hidden suspicions.

Old betrayals, ignored grievances and extravagant violations

Only acted to cement heightening tension, and deepen contradictions;

Stolen lands were the genesis of the escalating crisis;

Cooperation through the oath was all the host needed, to rid the nemesis.

A million serfs, workers and peasants forged a monumental alliance.

Against fascist policies, martyrs build up a fighting force.

Political militancy and agitation soon took a new radical face.

At Kiburi House, The Central Committee improved with ideological conspiracies.

In to being, new strategies came to intensify the War Council’s underground activities;

At Kĩrĩnyaga Road, Bildad Kaggia stirred the citizenry; gradually, minds of the population

Turned towards revolt and revolutionary violence;

Isaac Gathanju, in to the movement, sowed some witty suggestions.

As if possessed, urbanites and villagers, over night, up-rose with unexpected pace!

Sitting on the arm chair, at first, the colonial agents were ignorant of the looming danger.

Still Oblivious to the turning tide, the illegitimate regime;

Of bloated arrogance, underestimated tenacity of the daring nationalists’;

In its infancy, the movement kept under the foe’s repressive radar.

At their most vulnerable, till came the revolution of age, patriots opted to bind time.

Matured, could the ripe militants resist a duel with the savage imperialists?

The traitorous Chief Warũhiũ was the first to fall;

At Gura, the villainous Chief Nderi encountered hell.

Does the treacherous Chief Luka’s gruesome fate at Lari ring a bell?

This to Homeguards I issue as few simple examples;

Petty-bourgeois nationalists, their loyalty today is still questionable.

What daring generation will, for once and all;

Rid us the retrogressive remnant stock mortgaging one and all?


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