English: Comfort in Grief
English: Comfort in Grief (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An itinerant peddler startles me to wake at noon

Debt on debt of the brew vendors suddenly stirs my mind

How much more can I bear the grievous toils of this hood?

Surprise, dismay, alarm or pity deep and profound

Would show in their looks, with acquaintances of old,

Should we by chance meet again,

in vain friend of old Would sigh, cry and in pain fold,

Their once enviable peer in this deplored state to find steeped in strain;

Do not ask in ridicule, sarcasm, proverbs, and riddles with whom I’ve lost favor

Instead, alleviate my devastating sorrow with bottle on bottle of scented liquor!


27 thoughts on “ON KISSING GRIEF

  1. the LIke button was on perma-load so I couldn’t make us of that, but the fingers can still type and the mind can still stream thoughts… I like your poem, and your style. am looking forward to taking a peek every now and again.

    1. i was wondering why there are so many like of this common place poem, you have cured my suspicion,it no so much of what i have written rather, the picture which accompanies the mediocre piece is what other bloggers admire, thank you for your honesty and the like.Jane Austen was a great talent, i envy her works.make it a habit to visit this site.

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