After a light shower, i listen to a cold cricket grief against the eave.

Amidst flowers, a chilled wind whistle and drive

Beyond the fence tangled with creepers

Toads, frogs and strange birds quarrel in whispers

But hands in sleeves; I still remain indoors absorbed in books.

By the fragrant couch is a steam -full cup

Before me and on the white wall is calendar hang up;

Legwarmers in feet, scarf coiled against my neck

How cannot I admire your marvelous skills in needle work?

My yearnings for you spread infinitely like source less brooks!

Through the eastern half-way shut window

Thick billows with few dews wet my small pillow.

Look, look columns of towers are out of view

In vain I peep through the blur panes for you;

My heart would break in to two

Crystallized tears seen peeling off the dashing screen set on twin copper hooks


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