English: Deep Bottom Seen from the south-easte...
English: Deep Bottom Seen from the south-eastern defences of Cissbury Ring. This is a classic dry valley on the scarp face of the chalk landscape. There is some evidence of water in the bottom of the valley, it looks slightly wetter and is minimally grazed, but generally these coombes would remain dry much of the time as water soaked through the chalk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Too homesick to remain,

In the storey room and after a roaring rain

We bid an endlessly farewell at the dusk slippery steps

Hands tightly locked and tears at the door dashing in sets

Face to face and blushing from the others absorbing glances

We sigh or mutter to our private but similar and depressing contemplations

Beyond this winding pavement over taken with emotions

And after the rows of trimmed hibiscus on hibiscus fences

For years on years I’ll be gone without trace

Vainly I’ll regret passing days spent apart

Deep, deep will be the endless sorrow pent-up in my yearning heart!



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