Central Kenya 1952
Central Kenya 1952 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The turbid twin Rivers seems to sob in streams

In rows misty waters appears to flow where reptiles swim

What is this place where foggy dews in steep gorges teem?

I vainly wonder how many fulfilled or broken dreams

Vivid or vague plans have faded to oblivion in these bleak sun beams.

As then, tangled moss and budding bamboo

Still lament and hang their yellowing heads in woe

From bombs and grenades the frontiers vegetation

Still lie in ruin since the ancient earthshaking revolution.

Against the awe inspiring mountains

As then, the ancient scenes still appear as dim with blood stains;

With guns in hands and a swords loftily spread,

In years gone by,General Kalasinga won early admiration and fame,

Among his peers the Mau Mau war of liberation when was at its bitter height.

Subduing outlaws and purging white plague from the host’s head

From Mũrang’a to Nairobi, his wish only was the savage Britons to tame.

Rallying multitudes for a just revolutionary ant-imperialism fight

At his imposing sight all colonial barbarians for safety took flight

A role model of all patriotic ages, but today, in talent,

What General can exceed Kalasinga in merit or might?

Revisiting the revered hero’s burial site

And leaning on his disintegrating grave -head –stone,

On his final battle ground I begin to sorrow anew over his faded bones.


6 thoughts on “GENERAL KALASINGA (Sep 5-1954)

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following! I appreciate both! Your poetry is lovely and intriguing. I look forward to reading more! Blessings, Robyn

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