Laying on my back and under a revealing net

On pillow, the body in a suitable posture is set;

Feet outspread, grudgingly I force my person to read

But unable to apply concentrate, sadly, I rub my eye and hang my heavy head.

This is only our first month apart!

Our extreme pleasures of years gone-by are now turned to bitter pang

At this moment, what preoccupies your lonely heart?

Hands lowered at my side, who’d discern my brutal grieving!

Sounds of midnight wind and odours of scented dust fill my room

Swarms of buzzing mosquitoes dive and soar to the painted roof

For how long will I count on fingers dashing tears piled on the floor?

Longing endlessly for you have since topped the list of my idle pursuits,

Can vainly embracing your portrait on my sickbed bear any fruits?

Instead of reciting my pent-up sentiments, as usual, backwards,

Tonight, too distressed to compose on colored pads,

I’ll have conveyed my knotty sorrow in a song, and facing homewards.


11 thoughts on “ON THE 23RD DAY OF PARTING

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Very glad if you like what I write. I have not hiding anywhere. I think my story-poem “I Had an Asthma Attack” gives an idea of where I am in many respects. I hope you will take a look at it.

    1. you have rightly noted that English is not my first language, in fact it is my third language.some poems in this blog have been written using a Bantu language.this language is related to Swahili.thanks for taking interest.feel free to ask any other question.
      ngamia fujo is my face book name,@ngamiafujo twitter,feel free to invite me.

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