Early iron age findings in eastern and souther...
Early iron age findings in eastern and southern Africa, dates obtained form “History of Africa” (Kevin Shillington 2005) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By defiling a solemn oath, a warrior to the household seduced shame.

Between antagonists boiling wrath, could the abhorred crime

Trigger a chain of spontaneous retaliations?

Suspicion and fear is what plagued the twain nations,

A peace pact on test, would atonement prove in vain?

To what directions would now veer the delicate campaign?

Could seasoned elders with shrewdness tension diffuse?

What virtuous sacrifice would suffice to bitter rivals mutually appease?

At prime of seasons of peril, Wangai’s indifferent malicious designs

Almost toppled Central Bantus and Plain Nilotes to a gruesome discord;

Slashing to the North, and hacking to the South: he fell nine,

Slandering East, and debasing to the West, he scorned sovereigns and mocked lords.

Maasai emissaries pressed, for the brute’s head coaxed,

Gĩkũyũ toiled, deliberated and sighed undecided;

Bound by steadfast honor, could noble sages, a loathed culprit harbor?

Iron-hearted to the very last, in Kĩambuu frontiers:

Given up, Wangai’s fate encountered Morans lightening spears.

To read these grievous lines must break each heart in to tears.


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