At this moment of adversities,
Constantly, despondently I am contemplating home.
Huddled to deplorable status by savage severities
Now profound nostalgia, like torrents, weighs heavily on my bones.
Of failing health and a declining enterprise
And flanked by trials, stalked by a vile curse:
All thought of despair turn to the idle far off village;
A life time of seclusion and practicing minimal tillage,
Once again and drunkenly in the frontier town bridge,
Ideas of resignation appeal to me at this tender age.



  1. An excellent and very thought provoking poem. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the follow. I have followed you in return as I would like to read some more. I picked this one, as it was the one nearest my birthdate…never could you know just how much these words applied to my life in April 2013. Quite spooky!

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