Moi Avenue in Mombasa
Moi Avenue in Mombasa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Scheming cunning strategies, at Kipsojoi, elders pondered with bent brows;

Plans evolved from tacticians’ bellies alleviated a formidable foe

In the battle of Kobujoi, to whose favor would the wind blow?

Flashing machetes pointed to Mombasa and Zanzibar

Warriors at ready to plunge into nerve-racking war;

In the granite frontiers of Mau escarpments,

Could the Sawe age set out-match the aggressor in talent?

Antagonism came about from the guest’s extravagant arrogance,

Disdain and humiliation acted only to hasten suspension in pace.

At Kipsogoi, and vying for prestige, Arabs and Nilotes tested marksmanship

A shield for target, contenders corked guns and bent bows in rows.

Could rash youths bar shame from and assert Kaptalain Laibon leadership?

In Kimatke, Kipsojoi, Kobujoi and Chemose garrisons

Besieged, Swahili Arabs encountered miserable sorrow;

Engaged murderously by Sawe contingents from a superior position,

Slave raiders could not attend to Marmar regiment’s steel –paw.

In the battle of Kipsoboi, hidden daggers and murmuring spears confounded a mighty foe;

Now subdued, to the Great Lake, Arab’s caravans there no more would go.

A nation for long united in slave raids now declined in sudden Nandi woe.





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