Maasai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fleeing Kano plain’s Hyenas’ bites

The weary contingents in the highland unexpectedly encountered part crocodile jaws;

first,the wanders heard Isiria Maasai’s jagged spears teeming from the right,

From left, Gusii found impossible to dodge Kipsigis thundering arrows;

In Kericho, would feuds between gallant antagonists over the years  exponentially grow?

In valleys of Nyando River, Maasai and Kipsigis for territory locked horns,

The latter subdued, next, the former with Gusii picked a bone;

Bantus or Nilotes whose skulls and corpses would overgrow with mold and thorns?

At Kabianga, and in the bitter  end, only Maasai stood victorious alone!

Humiliated, could there any  more the castrated lions aboard?

To shun annihilation, war remnants, for long, had to sojourn desperately abroad!

Once, in the battle of Kericho, General Ole Kericho with his army in to death fell,

In Battle of Migori,General Nyang’araro raid to the nation brought hell.

this to you i issue as a warning to all!


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