BATTLE OF CHEMOIBEN (late16th-early17th C)

Constantly subdued, humiliated
A household murderously routed, to Tegat retreated.
Would Chuma and Sawe age sets redeem the host?
Agriculturalist or pastoralist who’d rule the west?
In the legendary battle of Chemoiben,
Lion’s paws ferociously countered elephant’s tusks;
Kipsigis or Gusii captains, in martial shrewdness, who’d excel?
War tools brandished for crude tasks,
Marching, ranks and files executed refined frontline drills;
Intent eyes on targets set,
Hail of arrows vied for the soaring eagles,
immedietly Sleeves with blood wet.
In to Chemororoch River, corpses suddenly dropped in doubles.
In scheming hands of Nilotes, it’s whispered Bantus
Out witted, encountered their tragic Waterloo!
Kabianga is said a place of grief and woe
Brier and moss grow higher or denser than deep green bamboo.


2 thoughts on “BATTLE OF CHEMOIBEN (late16th-early17th C)

  1. Nothing of importance? Oh my. I have to leave for awhile, but when I get home I’ll certainly be exploring your blog. Thank you for following mine.

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