The worthless vied, contended,
For validation aspirants rallied.
Overnight the realm shook with terror languished.
Suspicion was mutual, ferocious and spontaneous
Between ODM and PNU by hour rivalry grew wild, vicious.
Plunged in to a set snare,
Compatriots groaned,laity  wailed in despair.

militias hacked,slashed and thrust

toppling hills and ridges veiled in mist
Surging floods of blood soaked heavens and drenched earth’s crust.
Seductively scheming and counter scheming,
Savage political divides in boardrooms excelled in sinister plotting
targeting Districts and rival provinces, suddenly, the country went up in flames!

disputed elections is what brought hidden animosity to the fore

the rebel or the tyrant to whom in the deepening perversion would the throne go?

The household was scourged, the throne short of status.
Treacherous imperialist, strove to reap spoils from the sudden curse;
Fronting cunning and compromised dignitaries, mediators
the foe’s blackmails, intimidation at the roundtable worked unimagined wonders.
Acute distress, anxiety is what constantly haunted petty bourgeoisie.
to the  mediocre corporate, relative calm relayed still no bliss;

blood , blood was the legitimate price for superficial peace
Arrogance of wealth and power is what bred these regrettable excesses!



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