Kenya sunset
Kenya sunset (Photo credit: IFDC Photography)

In these highland forests on ridge on ridge slanting to the vigorous rivers,
Smell of gun powder, and blood, in the jungle air, still linger;
From the moor lands of Kĩrĩnyaga and Nyandarwa mounts, to gorges of Mũrang’a,
Assisted by Generals: Roy,Wachanga, Kago and Matenjagwo Ng’ang’a,

Kĩrema thahu waged war against and defeated the British army.

In thick bamboos and towering trees,
For a decade, the Kenya Land and Freedom army
From garrison to garrison, and for war strategy, in years passed, roamed free.
Today, only faded bones and bomb ravages are evident in the frontiers.
Old battle fields are now overgrown with weeds and briers.
Who will ask the old General Gĩcerũ Ndung’ũ, with a rifle, and a fit battle gear,
How he brought down, countless, enemy’s heavy Lincoln bomber planes from the rear?
Who will ask Field Marshal Mũthoni, where abouts, of Mathenge, the legendary General?
The hero’s honored name, through history and time, will come down to all!

General Mathenge of Nyeri was a Mau Mau General, his guerrilla forest name was:

KĨREMA THAHU(subduer of evil omen). He together with Field marshal Dedan Kimathi were the head leaders of the Kenya Land and Freedom army a.k.a Mau Mau.When the war of liberation ended in 1963, and the British colonialist was defeated; he was nowhere to be seen. some speculate that he might have died in a fierce battle back in 1955, others claim that he went to Ethiopia. I do not have an opinion on this knotty matter,but this epic poem sure shows where my loyalty is. Enjoy.



  1. Thanks for the brief history of our grandfathers at war

    Could there be anyone with General Kago pics,… He is my Grandfather and only left one child who is my father and his wife Helen Wanjiku who cannot locate any picture since the struggle for independence took over.. Helen has alot of story to tel about her long gone husband. She has always narrated them to us just like yesterday but there is no way we can record the beautiful scene created in our minds as she the narrative……
    If there is anyone who can help write about him Get back to me through the email.

    1. Hi there, I am glad that you understand the good thing I am attempting to do here, very few people like to discuss this part of Kenyan history.I do not know whether it’s out of guilt or shame or just laziness to understand where they come from. I saw a picture of General Kago in a book titled: Kikuyu and Mau Mau, it was written by a colonial agent whose name I do not remember. Gen Kago was a tall, slim and a dark man, his real name was . He died in action at Ikumbi in Murang’a in March 30th 1954, the British used to call him the ‘Black Napolion’ he was and still is the greatest Mau Mau general who ever lived. He assisted Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi to defeat the British army .THANK YOU .ngamia fujo is my face book name, invite me.Thank you for visiting my blog, make it a habit.

    2. I am an ardent fan of Gen.Kago. Am not a full fledged writer but I have written things. I could try. About the photo I have been looking for it on the net sijapata. could we have your gradma use a professional artist to draw his image. it would be a shame to loose such a national memory.

      1. Hi there Njoroge, I am glad that you also appreciate this great hero by the name of General Kago.I am interested in reading what you have written about him. I am currently making a documentary on General Kago, i am in the final stages of doing so and it should be out within the next two weeks.I CAN CONNECT YOU TO THE SON OF GENERAL KAGO if you are interested in recreating his portrait. I found a picture of him on the net and i will be glad to share the link once you respond to this message. You are welcome and thank. you. is my email address.

      1. i am moved everytime i read about maumau history….my grand father was a maumau fighter and i humbled to b mamed after him. he hails from kiambu/githunguri iriaini/thafai village. rest in peace grand pa,,proud of u mbugua wa waithiru.

      2. I appreciate your taking your time to visit this site.Events of Mau Mau war always makes a sad and bitter reading. Our history is that of blood and sacrifice. I salute your Guka.We have to start singing loudly about these unsung heroes.Thank you

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