CHIEF NDERI (October 1952)

CO 1069-146-2
CO 1069-146-2 (Photo credit: The National Archives UK)

A perverse traitor of  house holds
A lustful fool corrupted easily with gold,
For favors,ranks and prestige even his mother he sold.
For a dismal tittle  of: ‘Chief’, Nderi of Nyeri
To petty thieves and invaders, with Mũrang’a’s ‘senior chief’ Njiri
Mortgaged a noble  nation for vanity and fame;
A stray dog ignorant of honor or filial piety,
A Homeguard with shit and vomit on his cursed name
By collaborating with the devilish Britons, to his person, He attracted calamity.
At Gura River, machetes are what worked the brute’s trunk asunder,
Mau Mau forces tower high for uprooting this evil murderer.
A laughing stock for all ages
The villain’s death, even today, provokes shame and bitter grudges!


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