English: Tanga, Tanzania, town centre Français...
English: Tanga, Tanzania, town centre Français : Tanga, Tanzanie, centre ville Nederlands: Centrum van Tanga, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Disgusted by treacherous acts of Sultan of Zanzibar

Abushiri enrolled Swahili patriots in the army for liberation war.

Like a wild fire how it is fanned by a hurricane all night

So swiftly were stirred spirits of seasoned warriors to engage the murderer’s foe in a fight;

Commanding 10,000 strong, and before dawn, with one blow

German garrisons at Tanga, Pangani, Kilwa, Lindi, Makindani were overran in rows,

With thundering guns and twanging bows

Only Bagamoyo and Dare salaam (Mzizima) withstood hail of bullets and arrows.

The glorious victory was proceeded by the retreating, and the humiliated villains

Rallying the far off tribal ’emperor’ for assistance. ‘Captain’ Wiszman was in pain

A power to reckon with when suddenly came to reign;

The German East African Company star was on the wane

African nationalism stood profoundly to gain!


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