I am just a vulnerable creature
Most dismal is the violent future
The horizon is gloomy, hollow
It’s whose a heart this drowned in sorrow?
I won’t trade silence for peace
Why should a militant agitation cease?
The moon may lag or increase with pace
The tide fall back or with the hurricane rise
But stubbornly in misery and solitude I’ll align with the cause!
Tortures may cripple;pain the determination revitalize
Propaganda may stifle, ignorance a revolution demonize
But acknowledging defeat,
Never from the front line will I ever retreat!
Despair and stooping attracts only disgrace;
How can a broken head carry with dignity its shamed face?
Hungry, I’ve no use for morals,ill or regard of  good;
Oppressed, of what merit is peace coated with blood?


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