Breaking through the bamboo forest

After a fierce engagement with the enemy forces,

In the moorland, and the foe when not in vicinity, solders break for a rest.

In order to wash blood from sleeves and gun powder from the face,

General Makimei takes a prolonged  swim in a clear guggling stream.

Since the revolution began, the unshaven  General

in the Kiambu’s Kenya Inoro Freedom Arm has dispensed his duties well.

This war of liberation is grave,

of heavy fighting and hacking , casualties are in the majority of either race.

Till when, will natives suffer under this murderous  race?

Since the emergency broke, GEMA  has only known:

Bombs, bullets, gallows, death and death  camps both in reserves and towns;

Between the earth and the moon, only corpse on corpse of the innocent lay,

But we know the blood thirst colonialists efforts all are in vain,

the Kenya Land and Freedom Army is growing stronger by the day.

‘To die standing in the oath, is better than Live on knees and in pain’

Marshal Kĩmathi to  General Makimei has written this way.


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