When I decide to sleep
Sad thoughts my mind fills with grief steep.
When I turn in for rest
Oh! Defeating fits of despair suddenly arrests my breast.
When I attempt to smile at ease
Lo! Instead I sigh with cares sneeze.
When I strive to put away embarrassing past full of shame:
The weak willed to disgrace renew the blame.
When I try to nourish my heart with confidence
Try to excel talent with diligence
I am burnt out with enthusiasm to quicken the pace.


2 thoughts on “WHAT WOE!

  1. When I first looked at your blog, I was overwhelmed to see how long you have been blogging. I am just a baby in contrast. Given your long history, I decided to pick a sample to get acquainted with your blog. I chose August of 2012, because that was the month when my life turned upside-down and changed forever. I chose this date because that was when the accident happen which ended my 15 year marriage most extreme separation. I find what you felt and wrote that very day to be curiously outré. Just wanted to share that with you.
    Thank you for following my humble blog. 🙂

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