Though to fancy we did intimately each; the other privately desired with passion.

On our fist meeting at a banquet with the appealing, charming stranger

For long, by way of not introducing our persons to the adorable admirer

 We avoid striking a conversation, expressing our similar concealed emotions.


That we may not offend our dates, our jealous companions

That our eye may not give away the secret;

Even if provoked how, aroused how by sheer sight of the stranger,


We restrained from pursuing, executing our urgent lustful fantasies.

Tempted as we were, even if tried we how not to publish our sentimental feelings

Could we succeed, before fall of dawn to not consummate our clandestine dealings?


Our heart to heart cords moved by a mutual passion,

Our young souls sown with a common romantic infection;

That we may make the lofty burning in our souls concealed,

The natural attraction between us from our lovers veiled;

Painfully or sadly, and at adjacent corners of the hall we kept apart.

For hours and from the other, we kept our flourishing desires Suppressed at heart!

Oh how much without success we tried to keep apart.


When we struck an idle conversation at last,

To ease nerves from anxiety, we shared a strong drink first.

To break unfamiliarity, proposed a toast to youth alas.

Tucked in a suitable seat and from across a table of glass.

Lest a hug between our flirting party offended the host

You offered greetings by way of an anxious hand.

How with delight I played with your arm kind!



A bit awkwardly we commenced with superficial talks but with a mysterious expectation.

 Encouraged to venture more deeply without reservations

 By suitable response stirred to action by our genuine acquaintance,  

With a sense of dignity, we lay bare our heart-felt needs with confidence.

To keep entertained we interested the other, each with a charming conversation.

Of too much stimulation, suddenly of strong wine

 We blundered in to vulgar or carefree talk’s fine.

Without regrets, shame or restrain and privately among our gallant party

We indulged in rare sensual pleasures; at an isolated table touched at our liberty.


Primed with excitement, ecstasy and lust in our Yielding flesh

With set lips and acting on a stimulated impulse,

Without warning each and towards their partner eager, unselfish

 We drew for a kiss our part mouths close.

As if nature was for us

Black out happened alas.


I’ll never forget the manner we secretly stole from the hall   

The way we embraced on fragrant leaves falling from a tree tall

We way lay together on wet grass with soft tips

The way we licked, kissed and tasted with tongue and lips.

Nude, the manner we clasped our aroused forms at the hips;

And the noise our rubbing skins made in dew’s moisture

All night when we made love and cuddled in a convenient posture

Under the arched moon of November at our leisure!


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