Dancing alone with my pale shadow,

to the June full moon I raise the liquor bottle of yellow.

As if consumed by grief or sorrow,

Luke warm droplets suddenly issue from eyes tear flow.

Drinking alone in a desolate room,

By a curtain-less window I heave, with dizziness glance at the roof.

From the grass land, winds rash in with a strong perfume.

From without , fragrances fill the court of the  boundless plain in bloom.

Starting to reminisce miserably our happy times,

Beginning  to appreciate things I took for granted about you in passed times:

Suddenly thousand tears over flow the gin glass.

Bashing the pate, recklessly the cheeks against clear pane alas,

Thousand times I regret treating you with indifference, cruelty.

Forever I’ll miss you my love of youth!


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