I still remember our sudden parting preceded by sad tears,

And the defeating feelings at the bus stop in a woe filled year

When reluctantly, we finally bid good bye with a melancholic sigh;

At Cania river, It was on a declining November, and grass was dry!


I still recall the idle commitments we busied our younger lives with,

 For wage, the years we wasted in the corporate world slaving after wealth;

It is a pity that: for pressing needs, we failed to nature talents in our desperate youth:

Forever I regret abandoning my talents, passions in the short lived youth!


Now it comes to me in a thrill, that in pursuing our selfish aspirations,

In fulfilling contracts of our demanding capitalistic masters

We were for long stayed apart by our selfish ambitions,

 By responsibilities or by our private envies, tied to the system’s illusions;

I still remember that in order to impress our nagging relations

Each and desperate to make a living, strove to remain his head afloat in turbulent waters

Each, and at expense of our strong teenage hood comrade ship; pursued after their career path.

It is a sad fact that now, even if we try how, cannot be revised of our ruined youth!


I still remember that: along our trying paths and to make a name from our youth,

By adhering to resilience, we separately overcame crippling hardships of our youth.

And Towards our vivid intentions, set regardless of devastating frustrations;

It is because of fear of hunger, we stuck it out even when encountered intimidation,

It is a pity that for prestige, though apart, we cared not to implement our child hood resolutions!


Neglected, not natured, our adolescent hood bonds with passing time disintegrated

Of the deepening silence between us, our sacred fondness in vain faded.                     

Sundered emotionally by distance and years of toilsome absence,

Tired of pining for each others company,

Fed up with yearning for our far off friend, with a sense of loss or impatience;

To make abate for at least a while the grievous longings forget; among pleasure seekers many

We engrossed deeply and in drinking with our less desirable newly made friends.

Lest one in their grave nostalgia; of loneliness drown in their tears my friend.


Apart, a decade passed between us. For distressing love-sickness alas

To my surprise, and out of the blue, you wrote to your friend of youth a letter.

It was about your coming to the capital for an undisclosed matter;

What joy overtook me in a quiet dusk, to read and re-read your unexpected letter!


Finally when we reunited for a drink in the city’s glass tower

Lo! What sadness, what tragedy in our talking together

  (Though not openly mentioned) to realize between our persons

We shared no longer common values of old and passions.

Even if we attempted how; of divergent and irreconcilable views to revive our friend ship bonds

In futility we found our efforts insufficient to mend our heart to heart broken cords. 

A thousand times I regret our sorry fate.

Unable to rekindle our teenage hood love, when kissed good bye at the court’s gate!












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