To You

Transplant your caress to mine skin
With hypnotizing charm wear my patience thin.
Dance seductively for your admirer sweet,
With a revealing skirt entertain his wild fantasies keen.

Wind your hips against my set groin your rear spin.
With our talented waists lets mingle or our thighs intimately join.
Teach your partner vulgar songs
Against my ears whisper obscene desires strong.
To keep the pursuer interested, with a hearty cheer
Stroke his ego to rid your dear’s private fears.

Wax hot your shy lover with refined skills, kisses;
On bed, please keep still lest the horn target miss
If primed with sensual pleasure my dear,
Will you portray your fulfillment with a sigh or a warm tear?

Lay bare your virgin pearl before your admirer.
Surrender thy womanhood to your younger lover.
Breathe your most pure, innocent love through my heart.
Treat your lover with kindness, that inspired he may compose of you on a page.
Let’s knot our vows with an oath and promise never to part.
Let’s indulge care freely till advanced with age!


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