When loneliness grew to unbearable proportion
For pleasure, and over a drink, by the ice capped mountain
We agreed to come together to share our new experiences.
To remedy our common longings,
To restore our love-sick hearts with ease by kissing,
We set a date for reason of meeting
That for so long separated by commitments, toils for wealth
We may not die of nostalgic grief, or of poor health.
We decided to tear our persons from responsibilities at least for a day.
Of years passed between us when we met,
We talked anew of our old fancies, passions
Since our bitter parting at youth full with impatience;

Without knowing why and when we met,
We embraced fondly with emotional hugs by the river for long kissed at sun set.
What joy overcame us, finally, when our similar decade long stain
Ended with coming of long rains!

Calling to mind anew sentimental memories of irretrievable past years,
Drinking, we in turns retold our intimate heart felt cares, fears.
Sighing nostalgically, around the lofty fire we sobbed in joyful tears
Of our short lived days of adolescence full of sadness or cheers.
Bringing to table at last, grave encounters of each while were apart
We narrated to, confided in the other our private trials, despairs, shame while were apart.
So many seasons apart passed between us in vain,
So many days wasted in worthless pursues in vain
How? On drinking on cup of strong liquor in speeding rain,
Could we not with our teary eyes, show a sense of loss or pain!

As such was the fate of our sorry wasted youth.
Forever, I’ll miss my genuine lover of my early days!


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