Where I go, the number of friends or enemies is unknown

Whether I’ll succeed or despair, of the future is unknown.

Come friend, we walk together courageously;

To increase our hearts with strength, let’s talk genuinely.

Friend, the journey will be arduous, the road devastating and long.

Friend, valleys will be wide, seas deep and the hills trying.

The barbarians along the way will tease, mock and conspire

 The red eyed ghosts will, slander, and segregate and pour woe on our young fire.  

Friend, lets embark this toil when still young and with hope,

Let’s scale with determination, the insurmountable fears from this depressing slope.   

 Friend, though winds blow violently cold,

Though our faith and aspirations against adversities are yet bold

Let us march on this unpredictable road, before with grief, we grow too old.



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