Invited for a quiet feast

I come over your place with rare gifts.

Alighting from the loaf-like train,

You welcomed your admirer in a November ridden with rain

 In the appointed noon, and at a familiar junction;

Sharing a common umbrella to shun away the drizzling wetness,

A thousand times you fondly hugged with unrestrained emotions.

By a restless river you stole your lover’s breath with a kiss.

I still remember your beaming lips painted in green or pink

And noise of your white dress, puffed outwardly by the driving wind.

As Our groins interlocked in intense passion

Before changing to drier clothes in chamber of your mansion,

What Delight experienced we at climax of our intimate game.

It is a sad shame that, of commitments, as such, cannot be repeated by a brilliant flame!



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