Good bye for now little one
In shore of Indian Ocean, and in December, we shall unite once more
When the waves ferry you back to my Warm pouch.

When the tide is low and the day gone
When the foam and waves, with grief hiss no more at the shore;
Under the sleeves of smiling moon, you shall again feel my touch.

Now that the lone tearing cloud is swinging low,
Now that mist, before our teary eyes rise from the valleys in billows
Let’s part, and promise that in distressing nights never with nostalgia to sorrow.

Good by my pretty one
Good bye for now my gentle one.
At the old coastal town, and when you make back once more
In the lofty free winds; you shall feel my touch waxing on your bosom, jaw.

Though Miles on miles, the current drifts you away from your waving love,
Though wave on wave, speed away with your parting boat;
Dear, when the season is ripe; and yellowing leaves on soil are shed my love,
When weeds or moss are cleared from the abandoned home way road,
And the longing grow too devastating our hearts to bear love;
We shall unit again, in the wide beach of youth lay side by side love
Till we are advanced with age, stick together for ever love.

Good bye for now little one!


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