When the waters are calm enough

When the owls weep no more upon the fig bough,

 Sigh at ease; by the clear bed room window burn incense.

 When the evil omen is departed; fortunes increase

 When our thick sorrows abate, warfare cease

Lie at ease; on bed sleep in peace.

When spirits rest contented in the tomb

When the fetuses no longer wither in your womb,

Cause goat’s blood; sacrifice on the sacred stone.

To gods, offer gifts at dawn.

When no longer our tribe’s men trade arrows

  The state no longer execute by way of gallows

And man no longer is bound by his folly

Sigh easy; to immortals afford all glory.

When the wounds no longer bleed;bowels issue with pus, blood.

When our war-fallen heroes’ skeletons overgrow with bloom,

monuments in the ancient battle grounds are refreshed with new perfumes,

Sigh at ease; with a smile glance at the roving moon.


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