Sparing no budget to entertain my interesting acquaintance

At our first meeting, I ordered for rare drinks with increasing impatience.

The table between our company adorned with all sorts of wine,

So with gin, and to kill nervousness, we toasted to longevity or youthfulness fine.

Embarking a conversation awkward or with superficial talk;

In an unrestrained manner, and with passing time,

we gradually indulged avidly by the broken clock.

Slightly drunk and thrilled by urban tunes;

A beauty so talented, challenged her admirer to a dance hall duel.

Rising excitedly to join my partner on the floor, and to wind gallantly to the  newer tunes,

Intimately and cuddling, we clasped our groins together for a waist duel.

Under a revealing skirt tight-

Your spinning, swirling rear, seductively stirred against my set crotch;

In a Synchronized posture, motion and with delight:

We excelled in talent under  the colorful flashing lights;

Primed with ecstasy, you crooned softly at my refined touch.

Your perfume lingering in my face, your hair dropping freely with grace,

With a magnetic gaze, and for a kiss, you drew your pursuer towards your part lips.

Switching to a moderate pace, for affection, you set my hands upon your sharp hips.

So many days of inconvenience passed between our parted peer,

Why ?At the leisure hall, and for indulgence, cannot we again meet!

To renew our love,drink and dance in the old homeland streets.


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