Under an unkempt hedge I drink alone in a quiet noon

Dazed by brevity of life, I reflect on bygone years again with increasing concern.

The southern winds blow in dusk too soon;

At the edge of silver clouds, I see floating eagles weave lines in the parting sun.

Her wrists were white with crystallized tears when we last bid goodbye

Words would not part from mouth; only smothered sighs.

The ways of emotions were both irrational and rowdy

Hands waving, brows would not cease to leap with dismay.


Understanding friends are few in the world of men
Then it’s a rare occasion that we should toast and cheer.
You urge me to drink on; it’s past ten.
Hours before parting are always distressful; we hold back dashing tears.
At the bus terminus, your sleeves are wet
Before the curfew gongs, we bid farewell; it’s our greatest regret.


Rows of corn and potato stalks extend beyond sight;
Amidst young kales, thick spinach increase with green.
The hour is both long and bright;
Among Peasant sense of hard work is keen.
Raised paths and narrow tracks interlink myriads of villages;
Rows of uniform trees for borders make the best hedges.
Far and nigh, A thousand billows springs up from a thousand homesteads.
Low or high, rowdy laughters spread; it’s the dusk mead.
A heard of fat domestic mostly offer the best debates;
At leisure gallant farmers drink up till late.
The sky scraping ridge and the turbid river converge at the bridge,
Past the aged hill, a small town comes to view; I am come home anew.



Commander Mwana wa Muka dared defy formidable foes
Million arrows when ordered shot forth from eager bows.
The invaders were gathered like a forest of trees at Mukuyuni military base;
All over Iveti region ominous wind spread all over the place.
The aggressor’s incursion had disastrous repercussions
A simple stroke of the General’s right, and the foe encountered annihilation.


62 years ago, a revolutionary force awoke myriads of assaulted spirits:
Bildad Kaggia dared to defy colonial agents in power high.
All voices mute, a lone whisper cared to stir with unequaled wits,
Now a typhoon of violence swept the world under; new heroes arose to vie.
When young he had talent to serve the state,
Long dead although, we still sing sweet tunes for his sake.


One last gaze over our shoulders, and we part ways.
From this hour onwards we are become bitter foes;
Oh! We’ll miss sentiments exchanged in heat of vernal days.
Mutual shame and guilt prompts to let go
It is the regret of our young lives!
Turning to myself, all I can do is but grief.


THE BATTLE OF IVETI (august 1898)
To our regret, her ambition was not fulfilled
Loyal although she was, she fell in to disgrace.
General Syonguu was perfectly in the art of war skilled
But in the battle of Iveti the partisan army succumb to the foe’s crushing force.
Why should the capture and surrender of Generals:
Mwana wa Muka and Nzibu Mweu dampen the heroine’s resolve?
Brave as she was, she could not the savage colonialist to the West drive.


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